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Energy Smart Funding understands that commercial buildings, industrial facilities, governments, hotels, health clubs and restaurants are some of the largest consumers of energy. Many still use inefficient and traditional technologies such as fluorescent, incandescent, halogen and high pressure sodium lighting. LED's are different. The lighting diodes emit lower output levels over over a longer period of time, resulting in lower energy consumption. 

We work with vendors and their customers to develop customized financing programs. Terms can be 6 to 84 months in length. And once the contract is completed, you are finished with payments. There is no "buyout", such as what might be owed on a vehicle lease. We can also include costs such as shipping and installation in the full amount funded. Many banks and other lenders have strict restrictions on what they consider to be "soft costs". As a result, our solutions are much more valuable and yield inspiring returns on your investment. They also lead to unprecedented energy savings for you and your company. 

Tax incentives for installing energy efficient lighting include income tax credits, deductions and rebates. Many states offer these incentives to reduce the expense of purchasing and installing renewable energy or energy efficiency systems and equipment.

By financing your LED lighting conversion through Energy Smart Funding you incur less initial upfront costs than if you were to make the full purchase with company capital. Monthly payments are often offset by the energy and maintenance savings and the full cost is generally deductible from taxable income.

There's nothing cookie cutter about us. 

Contact us today so that Energy Smart Funding can start the process of financing your LED conversion or solar panel project! 
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