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Energy Smart Funding, a division of Diversified Capital Credit Corporation, focuses on helping businesses save money on energy costs by providing cost effective funding programs for their LED retrofits, and now solar panels! 

By converting to LED, you eliminate the inconsistencies experienced with regular lighting while reducing your company's energy consumption. Your company can also receive up to a 50% cash incentive rebate from your utility provider or state. And when you finance your LED retrofit, your monthly savings are often greater than the finance payment! 

Customer satisfaction is our driving force. Call us at 908-647-4500 to find out how we can help you go green faster. 

Get estimated monthly payments for your LED retrofit or solar panel project by clicking on the payment calculator below. Or, apply online so we can start financing your green movement today!​

Recent Transactions
Providing businesses with the capital to brighten their future!
New England Tennis Club: $45,000. Energy consumption has been reduced by 40% with state of the art LED lighting.

Health Club: $20,000. While a relatively small installation, the energy savings more than covered the monthly finance payment. 

Office/ Warehouse: $150,000. Light levels were reduced to ensure maximum savings and perfect light quality. 
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